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Ice Report


Instantly report lake ice conditions at your current GPS location to other fisherman.Ice Report makes it easier to distribute information about lake ice thicknesses during the ice fishing season in the Northern US. Without this app users are left to scour the internet for forums or groups to get a report on ice for fishing. On the flip side avid fisherman and resorts who help the community by reporting ice conditions can now post it for everyone to see.
New reports are dark blue. Any report older than 3 days will be marked light blue. Ice Report will only show reports from the last 10 days.
To use Ice Report simply make a basic login and check out the map. Keep in mind the User Name you chose will be visible to other fisherman. If you are out fishing, feel free to submit a report by pressing the + sign and selecting the ice thickness you measured at that location.
The app uses your current GPS location, so please only submit reports while you are fishing.
If the report is in the wrong spot press the undo button to delete it.
The data in lake ice is submitted by users and there is no guarantee of accuracy. Ice Report encourages every one to be safe on frozen lakes. Check with your local Department of Natural resources for safety information.